Local firms pick up more bridge contracts

Wednesday 31 October 2012, 1:05PM
By Whangarei District Council


As the construction of the Lower Hatea River Crossing pushes on at pace, several more contracts have been awarded to local companies.
Updated: 30/10/2012 9:02 a.m.

​Contracts for the supply of plants and landscaping, guardrails and handrails, lifting span footpaths and formwork for the final bridge pier have all been awarded to local companies in recent weeks.

“Throughout this project we have tried to use local companies whenever possible and financially viable, which means ratepayer dollars that fund the project return back to the ratepayers,” says Simon Weston, WDC Manager Group Manager Infrastructure and Services.

Mr Weston said that the local economy has been struggling in recent times so seeing these four contracts totalling over $675,000 all awarded locally is good for the community.

“The contract for steel guardrails and handrails has been awarded to Fell Engineering in the Bay of Islands. The guardrails and handrails were designed by Architect Martin Knight and will be a feature on the bridge providing safety protection for pedestrians, cyclists and road traffic.

Alter-natives on Port Road will be supplying a range of hardy shrubs and perennials with landscaping work beginning in March next year. The bridge will be a stunning structure; the plants and landscaping will make features of the three new roundabouts and create a transition to the natural environment beyond.”  Mr Weston said.

The formwork for the final and largest pier on the bridge which will support the lifting span and hydraulic rams has been awarded to South Pacific Industries Ltd in Ruakaka for completion over the summer.

Finally the pedestrian footpath for the lifting span has been awarded to Ullrich Aluminum. The aluminium footpath is to be used on the lifting span of the bridge to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross while keeping the lifting span as light as possible.

“We are seeing some great innovations, Ullrich came up with a new, unique design developed purely to suit the bridge. The footpath will be made of aluminium decking which is often used in gyms and buildings for shower floor grating. The small grooves catch and divert the water off the surface keeping it slip free in wet weather.”

“The project is very much on track with construction of the Port Road and Okara Drive roundabouts progressing well. The pavement has been lime stabilised and sealing and asphalting should be undertaken in the next three weeks. Weather permitting this work will all be completed and allow Port Road to reopen on 18 November as planned.

“We would like to thank Port Road businesses and residents affected by the closure of Port Road for their patience while these roadworks have been underway.” Mr Weston said.

Current timeline:

Final bridge spans completed – November – January 2013
Formwork for Bridge Pier – December/January 2013
Bridge Guardrail and Handrail - November - February 2013
Lifting span arrives onsite – January/February 2013
Lifting Span Pedestrian Footpath - March/April 2013
Landscaping - March to June 2013