Keep informed if a natural disaster strikes Auckland

Friday 2 November 2012, 9:23PM
By Auckland Council

Superstorm Sandy is a reminder that a large-scale natural disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere.

Auckland Civil Defence Controller Clive Manley is reminding Aucklanders to have an emergency survival kit in place in case a disaster hits Auckland.

“There’s no knowing when a natural disaster will strike and this is a good time to check your survival kits are in working order. If you don’t have a kit already prepared, use this time to make one – you never know when you will need it.”

Key to any survival kit is water, food, a radio and batteries, a torch, blankets, clothing, medications and a list of family contact details.

To help people stay in touch with family and informed during a disaster, earlier this year Auckland Civil Defence launched a free smartphone app. The app allows people to connect with others in their network and sends out Civil Defence alerts and notifications.

“Since its launch more than 10,000 people have downloaded the app,” says Manley. “Social media plays a part in communicating during a major disaster, but it’s only one of the channels available. We recommend you develop a comprehensive survival plan, including our free app, to make sure you are as prepared as possible should a natural disaster strike.”

The Civil Defence app is free and available to users of both iPhone and android devices. To download the app and see the terms and conditions, visit

Auckland Civil Defence is a division of Auckland Council.