Great deal on recycling bins

Tuesday 6 November 2012, 3:33PM
By Hutt City Council


Need a second bin to cope with your recycling? Moved into a house without a bin? Is your current bin too small?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then come into the council and pick up a new kerbside recycling bin for half the usual cost.

​From 12 November while stocks last, you can buy a new 55-litre kerbside recycling bin for just $7.50 (usual price $15), with a limit of two per household. Council is subsidising the cost of the bins to encourage more recycling.

“Most residents are doing a great job with their kerbside recycling,” says Environmental Sustainability Manager Jez Partridge. “But many people find that one bin is insufficient. Our aim is for everyone in Hutt City to be using one or two kerbside recycling bins."

Around 75 per cent of the average household’s waste is recyclable or compostable, says Jez.

“If everyone were to recycle or compost their household or garden waste, we’d have far less ending up in our landfill.

“If you have lots of recycling, having a second bin will make it easier to sort and pack your items,” says Jez. “There’s also less chance of stray paper and plastic blowing off down the street.”

You can recycle plastics (numbers 1 to 7), glass, cans, paper and cardboard to name a few. Check out our recycling pages for details of what’s recyclable, how to fill your bin, and what happens to your recycling after it’s collected.

​To make doubly sure your recycling is securely packed, you can also buy a ‘flexinet’ for 45-litre bins ($10) or 55-litre bins ($12). Bins and flexinets are available from the council’s office in Laings Rd.