Botany Town Centre Clears the Air with New Smoke-free Policy

Tuesday 3 March 2009, 11:11AM

By Alexander PR



Botany Town Centre is seeing through a New Year’s resolution many Kiwis can identify with – it has gone Smoke-free. A healthier environment will be provided for all customers, with centre entrances, car parks, gardens and outdoor areas becoming completely Smoke-free.

As of Monday 2 March, Botany Town Centre will be implementing the initiative for all staff and visitors. Staff members who wish to smoke have access to two exclusive smoking areas at the centre.

Botany Town Centre Senior Centre Manager Jennifer Manning says, “We’ve taken note of customer feedback regarding smoking in parts of the centre, and we are very excited to be able to provide the community, customers and staff with an environment which will now be cleaner and safer, making the Botany Town Centre experience healthier, cleaner and more enjoyable.”

Botany Town Centre will also be lending its support for those staff members who want to consider going Smoke-free. A Stop Smoking Get Healthy Now programme is planned for staff, and will be run at the Botany Town Centre Community Room. Quitline and Nicorette will be involved, providing useful information that will be available to staff in packs.

“To be able to provide a support programme for staff at the centre is a great part of the initiative. If we can help those who wish to quit smoking, we can move towards providing a healthier place for the community to visit,” Ms Manning says.


About Botany Town Centre
Situated approximately 19km southeast of Auckland, Botany Town Centre is one of New Zealand’s largest retail developments, with 169 specialty stores. Its retailers range from Dick Smith Electronics to Rebel Sports and a full complement of banks, fashion stores, and New Zealand’s most popular café and restaurant chains. The centre includes one of Auckland’s largest Farmers stores and a New World supermarket. The centre provides diverse entertainment choices from the Circle Lounge at Berkeley Cinema to the award-winning Cock and Bull pub. In addition to its retail offering, Botany Town Centre is a community hub for other services including the Botany Library, the Community Constable, and a variety of medical and health providers.