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New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays 2011
Monday 27 June 2011, 12:21PM

A wrap up of all the coverage by from the Fieldays event at Mystery Creek, Hamilton 8-11 June 2011.

Goat research has wide spread applications
Research into the genetics of goats and what they eat have created some interesting results for University of Waikato student, Nadine Huitema. She is conducting research into improving the quality of milk from New Zealand goat herds and understanding what environmental and genetic combinations work best for a farms productivity.

Older Wine in just 2 minutes
Mark Benseman, an electronic engineering graduate from the University of Waikato, has found a way to age wine in just minutes, using an electric field to it. The idea came after reading a Chinese paper which made claims wine could be aged easily with an electric field, which Professor Jonathan Scott thought was "a load of snake oil".

Sustainable farming continues to improve
Waikato Regional Council Manager Environmental Farming Systems, Alan Campbell says sustainable farming practices are continuing to improve in the Waikato Region. The council aims to promote sustainable farming and displayed their theme competing globally, caring locally, in prime position at the Field Days 2011.

Sentiment and sales up at Field Days
Field Day’s sentiment was much more positive than last year according to Tom Ruddenklau, Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai New Zealand. "End of Day one last year we had sold 17 vehicles and end of day one this year we have sold 25, day two we are at 56, the bell went just before and I think we are up to about 77."

Just Shorn takes new approach
Just Shorn is the brand the Primary Wool Co-Operative want American carpet buyers to remember in their new initiative with Elders to sell high quality, sustainable wool carpets in the US. The NZ Wool feature exhibit show-cased premium wool products at Field Days 2011.

Industry outlook good for agribusinesses
The agricultural sector is buoyant, the strongest it has been in several decades, according to Stuart Locke, Director Institute of Business Research, The University of Waikato. With commodity prices up and interest rates down, the exception of the Kiwifruit PSA debacle, it is a good time for farmers, Locke says.
The Ag Art Wear competition was one of the most popular sub events, viewed by thousands throughout the four days of the event

National Fieldays continues to thrive
Mystery Creek Events Centre held the 43rd New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays earlier this month. Fieldays has long been a staple in the farming calendar with visitors keen to check out the industry’s latest technologies and methods.

Mobile medical service helping communities
Stuart Gowland of Mobile Medical Services spoke to at Field Days 2011 about how the service is adding value to rural medical services. He says the service has become more effective in the ten years it has been operating and with improved technology the resource is set to grow further.

NZ Young Farmers rewarded for service
The New Zealand Young Farmers have been rewarded for their volunteer efforts at the National Field Days in Mystery Creek last week. Young Farmers won an award for their stand and were recognised for their efforts in helping run Field Days with a large team of volunteers.

ANZ is serious about agribusiness says Graham Turley, Managing Director Commercial and Agri business for ANZ group New Zealand INDEX