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Book too provocative for National Party - free copies now available:

Thursday 8 September 2011, 3:32PM


Wellington alcohol and drug counsellor, Roger Brooking, has invited members of parliament to meet him on the steps of Parliament to accept free copies of his new book Flying Blind – How the justice system perpetuates crime and the Corrections Department fails to correct. The presentation is at 1.00pm on Tuesday Sept 13th.

Grant Robertson and Charles Chauvel from Labour, David Clendon and Sue Kedgley from the Greens indicated they are happy to accept on behalf of their members. Heather Roy indicated she will accept on behalf of the ACT party.

National party response
Chester Burrows from National initially indicated he would accept on behalf of National - but then changed his mind after discussing the matter with his caucus. The National hierarchy apparently thought the title was too provocative. Mr Burrows wrote:

“I believe that appearing to receive the books will look like an endorsement of a publication which sets out to be provocative and will be seen as counter to any rehabilitative work being done in prisons presently.”

Free copies now available

So Mr Brooking now has an extra 53 copies to give away (the number of National MPs who didn’t want one). They will be available first come first served to anyone who turns up on the steps of Parliament at 1.00pm Tuesday Sept 13th. Television and other media have been invited.