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BikeWalk Marlborough
Thursday 28 June 2012, 2:43PM
By Marlborough District Council


Clear windless winter days are a perfect time for riding – don’t let the temperature stop you – just add a few more layers. If you’re like most of us, when you’re ready to ride, all you want to do is go, just jump on and start pedalling. But get into the habit of doing a few simple checks before you ride.


  • Fasten it securely is number 1! Check there are no cracks on the outer shell or inner surface. Check too, that the rear adjuster and straps are fine-tuned so that the helmet fits snugly, and sits down on your forehead, resting securely just above your eyebrows.



  • Check your tyres to make sure they are properly inflated. Take a quick look all the way around for places where the rubber might be cracked or worn. Foot pumps make easier work of inflating tyres.



  • Check the nuts or quick release mechanisms that hold your wheels in place.



  • Squeeze your brake levers to make sure that they apply enough pressure to stop your bike. Eyeball the brake pads (front and back) to be sure they are hitting only the rims and not the tyres. Disc brakes usually have indicators that tell you when pads are worn. Have your bike checked at the bike shop if in doubt.



  • This requires a wipe down with a cloth every month or so and a little chain lube or oil applied. INDEX