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Navigation Safety Warning - Rivers and Lakes
Wednesday 14 December 2011, 4:03PM
By Tasman District Council


Slips and flooding through most catchments in Tasman District have resulted in significant quantities of debris heading downstream, potentially including animal carcasses, structures, vehicles and large logs that would not normally be in the river flow.

Structures such as bridges and fences may be submerged or adrift, and if so will present a very real risk of entrapment or entanglement.

All users are advised to avoid swimming and non-essential navigation in any type of vessel on all rivers and streams in Tasman District until the waters have receded and clarified to the point that new hazards can be readily seen and avoided. Care should be taken on lakes to travel at a safe speed to enable avoidance of floating and semi-submerged debris.

Report Hazards

Significant hazards to navigation in rivers and lakes should be reported to the Harbourmaster by calling 03 543 8400 or emailing to allow for assessment and action if required.

Avoid Swimming

All users are advised to avoid swimming in all inland waterways of Tasman District until three days after the water levels and clarity have returned to normal.

Coastal Navigation Warning Issued

A coastal navigation warning was also issued today by the TDC Harbourmaster, advising small craft to avoid high-speed travel after dark, and all mariners to keep a sharp watch for floating debris in all Tasman District coastal waters, until 30 December 2011. INDEX