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Flood event update #50
Wednesday 25 January 2012, 7:57PM
By Tasman District Council


Wednesday 25 January 2012

Latest information from Nelson Tasman Civil Defence.

Community Meetings

A community meeting is scheduled for Wainui Bay on 26 January at 5pm at Wainui Falls car park.

Rabbit Island still has large areas of pond water, the water exceeds the recreational bathing water standards and is fenced to exclude the public.

After the original flood event, a shellfish gathering ban was put in place across much of Nelson Tasman region. The only restriction remaining in place on gathering shellfish is from Rangihaeata Head to Separation Pt (Golden Bay) and this expires on Tuesday 31 January.

Latest Count of s124 Notices

A new s124 Notice was issued for a home in the Tasman District, bringing the total issued for the event to 31. Seven of these have been subsequently been removed.

Nelson has removed 45 s124 Notices; 57 out of an original approx 102 notices remain on affected properties (the approximation is due to the lack of original data during the flurry of activity immediately after the flood event).


Abel Tasman Drive Wainui Hill
Abel Tasman Drive at Wainui Hill underwent extensive investigation last week. Contractors are forecasting that it may be possible to open the road late this week.
Note: Heavy machinery is in use - road users can expect significant delays.

Kokorua Road
Kokorua Road is now open. Drivers are urged to use caution.

Nelson City road closures or limited access

  • Cable Bay Road - open to residents and essential services only, traffic lights in place
  • Iwa Road – open to one lane only for residents and essential services
  • Poynters Crescent – closed


Tasman region including Golden Bay road closures or limited access

  • Aniseed Valley Road – open with speed restrictions and give way sections beyond the hill where the road is narrow and reduced to a single lane.
  • Totaranui Road – closed long term - Boat access only


Excerpt from statement by NTZA on status of Totaranui Road:

"While Tasman District Council manages Totaranui Road, given its status as a special purpose road it is 100% funded by the NZTA. As such, the NZTA will be funding work to restore access to this area.

We're currently working closely with Tasman District Council to identify a solution for providing reliable public access, and this could involve restoring the existing route or other potential options.

We're looking at this as part of the overall recovery package for the Golden Bay area, which is being funded from the NZTA's Emergency Works fund. It's too early to say when decisions will be made as we're still in the process of weighing up the options.”

  • Awaroa Road – closed long term - Boat access only.
  • Abel Tasman Drive Wainui Hill - Open 1 lane only to residents and emergency services (Access permit required and closed from 9pm to 6am due to slip risk).
  • Pohara Valley Road – open for residents only.
  • Haile Lane – Open to residents only.
  • Matenga Road – Open to residents only.
  • Falconer Road - Open to residents only.
  • SH 60 open at Bird Hill – still single lane controlled by traffic lights, expect delays


Works Ongoing Status for Nelson City
Scheduled for the week of 23 January

  • Maori Pa Road – slip clearing and culvert clearing
  • Kokorua Road – tree removal
  • Teal Valley Road – slips and water table shaping
  • Todd Valley Road – culvert clearing
  • Routine sign maintenance and pothole repairs continue


Nelson Tasman Recovery Group
The key priority for the regional recovery group is to write the regional recovery action plan. The plan will set action items for each Council to include in the short term and in their respective Long Term Plans. INDEX