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Just over a week left to book disposal of unwanted agrichemicals
Tuesday 23 August 2011, 5:56PM
By Otago Regional Council


Otago/Southland farmers and horticulturalists have until the end of next week to take part in a programme to get rid of their unwanted agrichemicals.

Otago Regional Council (ORC) associate director communication and education Peter Taylor said the Agrecovery Chemicals programme is in the middle of its second collection of unwanted and expired agrichemicals in the deep south.

The collection complements household hazardous substance collection programmes run by local councils and other urban waste recovery programmes.

In contrast, the Agrecovery Chemicals programme, launched in July 2009, is available for all primary sector users of horticultural and agrichemicals, including farmers, growers, agricultural contractors, and veterinary clinics.

The initial collection in the two regions removed more than three tonnes of agrichemicals - approximately one-third of the amount collected by Agrecovery across the country last year.
The programme is easy to use, safe, and meets accredited quality assurance standards.
Those wanting to dispose of unwanted agrichemicals need to book with Agrecovery by Friday 2 September 2011.

Once a booking has been made, Agrecovery assesses which chemicals can be disposed of for free and which are eligible to have the cost of collection and disposal subsidised, Mr Taylor said.

The programme is part-funded by contributions from the companies that support Agrecovery, and local and central government.

Agrichemicals belonging to the more-than-50 brand owners who support the Agrecovery Container and Chemicals programmes are usually eligible for free disposal, though some conditions apply.

The booking process is easy and can be done online at A simple search function allows users to select the agrichemicals they wish to dispose of. Otherwise they can ring Agrecovery for a booking form on freephone 0800 AGRECOVERY (0800 247 326).

Specialised, experienced hazardous substance contractors will safely handle, store, and dispose of the agrichemicals received through approved channels Agrecovery provides the primary sector with sustainable alternatives to the burning and dumping of plastic waste and the disposal of unwanted chemicals.

Those with unwanted household or garden chemicals should contact their chemical supplier or local council for other disposal options, as these are not subsidised under the Agrecovery Chemicals programme, Mr Taylor said. INDEX