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Paragliders are encouraged to fly the Triple Peaks Challenge
Thursday 8 March 2012, 8:14AM
By Hastings District Council


A new and exciting category has been included for the first time in this year’s Triple Peaks Challenge. Organisers are inviting paragliders to compete in the popular Havelock North based event.

The direction of this year’s challenge has been reversed to allow the paragliders to fly between the three peaks. The challenge begins with a climb of Te Mata Peak, before taking on Mt Kahuranaki and finally over Mount Erin to the finish line.

Triple Peaks organiser David Tait says “Having the paragliders competing will be a real novelty and changing the direction will make the event feel new for those who have competed in past years. It will become a fresh challenge for everyone.”

David Tait says “Triple Peaks is designed as a family friendly event. We see complete families competing as one team and families joining together to create a team. It is a unique challenge and the timing of this year’s event will allow it to become a part of the training regime for students who are heading for the New Zealand Secondary Schools adventure racing championships.”

“The course is picturesque, the summits of the three peaks offer magnificent views, if you have the time to look and the whole event provides a unique experience. It is suitable for beginners and experienced participants and all competitors will experience the thrill of a real challenge. The hills are hard and steep and there are two river crossings to negotiate.”

The challenge includes walk, run and mountain bike divisions for individuals and teams of three or five people.

The Triple Peaks challenge is organised by the Kiwi Adventure Trust and will be held on Saturday March 17th. The event starts and finishes at the Havelock North domain and more information is available at INDEX