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NEWS   4 October 2010, 12:02PM
WebSafety NZ Bring Cyber Safety to the Home
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WebSafety NZ Bring Cyber Safety to the Home

CHRISTCHURCH - WebSafety NZ Limited, a Christchurch based company specialising in software to manage the internet, are educating parents on cyber safety and helping them install parental software on home computers.

“Until now, there has been few resources parents can call upon, to help them install parental software in the home”, said Dean Stewart, WebSafety NZ’s Owner & Director.

Stewart explains that parental software is not only able to block types of sites selected by the parent, but also records all internet activity. “We believe education is the key to teaching parents and children about the digital world we live in today. Parental software allows us to reinforce that education”.

Children are using the internet at an ever younger age. Parental software forces ‘safe search’ in search engines, ensuring young children don’t come across inappropriate material accidentally.

Issues facing children such as cyber bullying and the lack of understanding around privacy can be identified by implementing parental software. WebSafety NZ ensures parents understand how to use the software they install, before leaving their home.

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