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NEWS   10 November 2010, 1:53PM

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Lani Lopez sells out of About Health

Lani Lopez sells out of About Health

After four successful years in business together, Dan King has agreed to buy out the shares of Lani Lopez in About Health and is now the sole owner of About Health and it’s popular product Res-V Plus.

The change in ownership is effective immediately. Announcing his taking full control of About Health Mr King said “I am very proud of this business and delighted now to take full ownership. I can assure all our customers and suppliers that it is business as usual for About Health and confident that Res-V Plus will continue to lead the market and deliver excellent benefits for the health of New Zealanders.”

Commenting on the deal Naturopath Lani Lopez said “The last four years in business have been a huge learning curve for me and I look forward to returning to a full-time focus in studying, research and a number of opportunities I am excited about promoting the Principles of Natural Health and contributing to the well-being of New Zealanders through””

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