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KAYAKING   13 August 2012, 9:00AM

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Lisa Carrington wins Gold in the K1 200m

She’s World Champion, Oceania Champion and can now add Olympic Champion to her
impressive list of titles! After what has got to be the race of her life, aged only 23, Lisa
Carrington beat out arch-rival Hungarian Natasa Douchev-Janics (45.128) who placed third behind
Ukranian Inna Osypenki-Rodonska (45.053), to win GOLD in the K1 200m Olympic canoe sprint final.
Lisa’s performance was all the more remarkable in that she has only been racing the 200m as her
specialist event for just under 18 months, becoming World Champion in 2011 which shot her into
the kayaking spotlight and made her a New Zealand household name.  Now based in Auckland Lisa
hails from Ohope and her home club Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club is ecstatic with her win as are
her training partners at North Shore Canoe Club where she is now based.
Says Lisa “I lined up at the start thinking ‘I’m just gonna go as hard as I can’.  I just did what comes
naturally for me and took it stroke by stroke.  I knew I had everyone from back home behind me and I
gave it my all”. 
Her Coach Gordon Walker is over the moon with Lisa’s performance.  “She has shown enormous
maturity under immense pressure.  She has worked so hard and she didn’t panic at the crunch point. 
She stuck to her plan, got in front and held on.  I couldn’t be more proud!”
And back home her supporters feel the same…
Paula Kearns, CEO of Canoe Racing NZ says “Lisa is the complete package.  She is an incredibly
talented athlete, hard working, grounded, determined, intelligent and physically blessed.  Canoe
Racing NZ’s high performance vision is to win more medals at the Olympics and other international
events.  Today Lisa realised that vision for us.  A huge thank you must go to High Performance Sport
NZ whose investment and support have made this campaign possible.”


K1 200m Race Results
New Zealand Lisa Carrington 44.638
Ukraine Inna Osypenko-Rodonska 45.053
Hungary Natasa Douchev-Janics 45.128
Spain Teresa Portela Rivas 45.326
Poland Marta Walczykiewicz 45.500 INDEX