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SPORT   1 June 2013, 12:30PM

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Pay it forward with a bow set!

Nominate who you would like to win…

In 1000 words or less tell us why you would like your nominated person to win a bow set, suggest the bow you would like them to win and they could be joining you on the field! They don’t have to be new to archery they may be feeling blue, the reason you nominate them is entirely up to you! You may wish to include pictures of your nominee and what area of archery you believe they are (or would be interested in). Please ensure the suggested bow is a bow on our website, Archery Direct may discuss the bow choice with you if we believe it may be unsuitable. Crossbows will not be won by anyone under the age of 18 in adherence to Archery Direct rules and regulations.

For more information, Terms and Conditions visit:

Applications can be sent to: Archery Direct - Pay It Forward Competition, 194 State Highway 26, RD6, Newstead, Hamilton. Applications may alternatively be dropped into the shop. INDEX