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DISABILITY   13 May 2010, 1:11PM

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Hamilton Deputy Mayor Pippa Mahood gets Jammed

StarJam is two weeks into its Waikato expansion with four workshops going strong.

Deputy Mayor Pippa Mahood was there to join in the East Dazzling Dance workshop and had a thoroughly good time!

Pippa was also at the Waikato launch a couple of weeks ago.


"What a lovely event!  There were a lot of Waikato children who were present who could make great use of StarJam's services, and it was clear by the end of the afternoon that their inhibitions and shyness had evaporated, and they were ready to go."

StarJam creates national and international performance and limelight opportunities for young people with disabilities. Known as “Jammers,” StarJam kids gain respect, confidence, empowerment, new friends, new hope and new purpose within a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

There are currently 16 workshops spread throughout Auckland, Whangarei and Hamilton each week of the school term in song, dance, percussion and guitar. There is also a get-together for the wider community every month in Auckland and Hamilton.

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