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AVIATION   4 October 2007, 1:06PM

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The British Aerospace (BAE) RJ-100 (ARJ)

Kia Ora and welcome aboard kiwijet a new style, low cost all jet regional airline for New Zealand.

Our philosophy is quite simple and direct to offer a value based all jet regional product with 21st century innovation and advanced management systems. We have concluded that the best way to achieve a superior product is by following the best of the world’s most successful regional airline business models. We will of course focus on a Kiwi touch that is unique to any regional carrier that exists today. The British Aerospace RJ-100 jet is well suited for the challenging New Zealand environment. Its all weather capabilities and short field performance make it ideal for the mission. The aircraft’s ability to fly higher, faster and above the weather in quiet comfort by far surpasses the national carrier’s turboprop aircraft by leaps and bounds. We plan to change the face of regional airline service in the country dramatically for the first time as a true all jet regional carrier. Our services will offer thirty kilos of free baggage a two tier fixed pricing scheme and large roomy seats.

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