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GAS   8 October 2007, 2:47PM

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Ensco 107 rig arrives in New Zealand

The Ensco 107 has been transported to New Zealand from Singapore on Offshore Heavy Transport’s heavy lift vessel – the Willift Falcon.

The rig will go past Port Taranaki for customs and immigration clearance before unloading in Admiralty Bay. It will then be towed out to Kupe.

During the drilling campaign, approximately 100 drilling team members and their support staff will live onboard the rig.

Weighing approximately 16,000 tonnes, the Ensco 107 stands 157 metres high and is 63 metres wide.

The Kupe Gas Project is expected to be completed by mid-2009 and will provide New Zealand with approximately 254 petajoules of natural gas, 1.1 million tonnes of LPG and 14.7 million barrels of light oil (condensate).

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