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Alcohol Action NZ
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Alcohol Action NZ is a national group of people in New Zealand responding to the excessive presence of alcohol and the enormous social, medical and personal damage alcohol misuse is inflicting on our society.

The initiative began with a small working group in the field of addiction treatment but soon involved public health experts and has quickly grown to include colleagues in health and medical services, social services,  councils, churches, iwi, schools and other groups who are dealing with the negative impacts of alcohol on a daily basis.  The national group is now being joined by increasing numbers of concerned New Zealanders who want a change in the way alcohol is supplied, marketed, sold and consumed in New Zealand.

The majority of us enjoy drinking alcohol but all are alarmed about the way alcohol dominates many social situations and the scale of unhealthy and dangerous drinking in contemporary New Zealand - a crisis that enriches the liquor industry while causing immense harm to individuals and society as a whole.

A national series of public meetings on the topic "Ten things the alcohol industry won't tell you about alcohol" will be undertaken by Doug Sellman, Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch, during September, October and November 2009 promoting the 5+ solution.

For more information on the 5+ solution and Alcohol Action NZ visit our website

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