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Klaus Platz
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Klaus Platz is a German academic and Hamilton-based surgical registrar and colorectal fellow.

Before taking up his current position at the Department of Surgery Waikato Hospital, Dr Klaus Platz worked as a Consultant in the General Surgery Department of Gisborne Hospital.

Klaus Platz has fulfilled the roles of senior consultant, academic surgeon and research fellow in a number of universities and teaching hospitals in both the US and Germany.

His specialities include oncologic, laparoscopic, thoracic, hepatobiliary, cardiovascular and transplantation surgeries, which he has performed for teaching purposes and independently.

He has performed more than 7,376 surgeries the world over to date.

Since 1992, Klaus Platz has been co-ordinating research activities for medical professionals and training medical students.

He has devoted more than 20 years to conducting research around a variety of medical topics; most prominently about the body’s response during and following the transplantation of the liver, kidney and small bowel.

This has seen Klaus Platz contribute to almost 200 individual publications internationally, and perform more than 50 oral presentations at scientific meetings in English and in German.

The expertise and knowledge of Klaus Platz have seen him sit on a number of boards and committees, the most recent of which includes the Medical Board in Berlin and the Medical Board in Schleswig-Holstein.

He is currently a member of a number of international medical organisations, such as the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) and the European Society for Surgical Research.

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Monday, 29 July 2013
Dr Klaus Platz - New Research May Abolish Need for Organ Donors Transplant expert Dr Klaus Platz believes the world’s first stem cell-grown liver could abolish the need for organ donors in New Zealand in the future. 612 views