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First Millennium Keratin Limited


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"We started as an upmarket hairdressing salon in 2005.  Since 2011 we have been doing more Keratin treatments than any other salon in New Zealand.  Our highly satisfied clients travel from all over north and south island just for our amazing Keratin treatments.

F.M.K.’s Keratin is suitable for all hair types whether coloured, bleached, damaged or natural.  With F.M.K.’s different strengths of Keratin you can choose anything from absolutely straight hair to keeping your curls without the frizz. 

F.M.K.’s Keratin will make your hair healthier, shinier and more manageable.  After F.M.K.’s treatment you can colour or bleach your hair without worrying about damaging it.

Our stylists have a consultation with you to see how you would like your hair so we know how straight you would like your hair to be.  You can let our stylists know if you would like your hair to remain curly without the frizz, wavy or straight and we take it from there.

F.M.K.’s Treatment takes approximately 2-3 hours and lasts between 3-6 months.

All our treatments are done in our salons."

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