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SureFire is an Auckland SEO and Search Advertising agency. But unlike most businesses offering these services, we're dedicated search specialists & have being doing it for a very long time (since 2002).

We know what works, and importantly, what doesn’t.

Businesses that effectively leverage search marketing typically get most of their websites visitors from search engines.And these visitors are some of the most valuable you can get – they’re people who are actively seeking out the services or products your business offers. But like most things, search marketing can be done the right way or the wrong way. And there are many wrong ways of doing it.

A well-crafted and professionally executed search marketing strategy can make the difference between dominating a market or simply being an also-ran.

We help companies and organisations compete online & have partnered with some of this country’s most prominent brands such as Hyundai, TVNZ, AA Insurance and ANZ.

If you’re looking for ‘cheap’, then frankly we’re not the right fit for you. Our focus is on delivering high value results that make a difference for our clients.

Contact us now to find out how we can help grow your online business.

0800 080 278

Check out for the latest news about web marketing, SEO, PPC & Analytics. But only the stuff that matters from a New Zealand perspective. Less noise, more signal!

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