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Polished Diamonds
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We produce the highest quality diamond rings for any occasion and fine jewellery at remarkably low workshop direct prices. We use architectural CAD to model each diamond ring we produce in actual scale and proportion so clients can review how the ring will actually look. This unique system means that we can create any design using any gem stone or diamond of your choice. Using 3D printing we transform the CAD file into an actual Platinum or Gold ring that is symmetrically perfect - they just look so much better than our competition. We have won several awards including Retailer of the Year, we have been in business over a decade, NZJW members and from our Kiwi base we operate and export to 13 countries direct - pretty good credentials don't you think? Give us a call and allow us to help you have a high quality, great value diamond engagement ring or jewellery item - for a lifetime of happiness.

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