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Leicesters Soil Fumigation

Hawke's Bay

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As the leading provider of disinfestation and soil fumigation services throughout New Zealand since 1986, we at Leicesters have a proven track record in supporting New Zealand's horticultural industries with our expertise, innovation and advanced technology.

Based in the Hawkes Bay, and with faciliaties in Napier, Nelson and Auckland, we're able to reach every corner of New Zealand, bringing our utmost in service and quality with us wherever we go: no place is too far for us to travel!

As a distributor and applicator of soil disinfestation products, our focus is on fresh fruit and veges, with products for controlling all major species of nematodes including root knot, lesion, stubby root, dagger and cyst nematodes. 

Keeping the bugs at bay we strive to create the best environment for effective growth, preventing pests and soil borne diseases and ensuring you get the most out of your crops. We also offer our services and products for the replant of applce orchards, tree nurseries, strawberry farms and fruit and vege crops. Helping you to avoid the pitfalls of replant disease.

When you combine this expertise with our impeccable safety record and committed team of fully trained and qualified custom applicators, there's no one more reliable than Leicesters when it comes to your soil fumigation and disinfestation needs. 


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6 Waitane Place

PO Box 4036

Marewa, 4143

Napier, New Zealand


Tel: +64 6 843 5330

Fax: + 64 6 843 5158

Email: info [at] leicesters [dot] co [dot] nz

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