Twitter out-performs Facebook in lead-generation for Hamilton businesswomen's fundraising event

Thursday 16 May 2013, 2:35PM
By Halo Biz


As any event manager will tell you, getting people to pay to park their bums on seats at an event is sometimes far easier said than done.

However, when two Waikato coaches – one in business the other in digital marketing and social media - decided to organise a fundraising event to launch the third Hamilton Venus Network group with an educational luncheon seminar, they decided to use a mix of ‘traditional shoulder tapping’ and online social media strategies.

Jennifer Myers – recently appointed Waikato Regional Coordinator for Venus Network and Head Business Coach at 10X Hamilton, and Julie South – newly appointed Facilitator for Venus Network Hamilton East and Social Media Coach at HaloBiz in Hamilton - have both been working hard to ensure the word is getting out to switched-n Hamilton businesswomen.

HaloBiz is underwriting this event and any profit will be split equally between the two Venus Network Hamilton registered charity members:  Dress for Success and the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust.   Tickets can be purchased online at

As a social media coach, South always gets excited when she extols the virtues of Twitter.  However, she’ll be the first to tell you even she’s been surprised at the results Twitter has produced for her this time. 

With less than one week to go before the event, Twitter has out-performed Facebook in terms of both lead-generation and ticket sales.  Twitter outranks when it comes to lead-gen at a ratio of 7 : 1; and there’s no comparison when it comes to sales.  Facebook has yet to clock up one run on the board while Twitter has produced almost 10% of all ticket sales. 

“It’s going to take a lot for Facebook to move ahead in this race” says South, “but who knows?  The fat lady hasn’t starting singing yet and anything could still happen – watch this space!”