Leon Ogilvy and the Deputy Mayor of Auckland, Penny Hulse. Leon Ogilvy and the Deputy Mayor of Auckland, Penny Hulse. CREDIT: The PR Shop

You thought school was hard

Wednesday 17 July 2013, 3:04PM
By The PR Shop


Leon Ogilvy is just like any 22 year old, he likes hanging out with his mates, going to uni, and having a laugh.

Leon also has Cerebral Palsy, which can sometimes make things we all take for granted just that little bit harder. A specific example of this is Leon’s daily struggle at Unitec where he is studying employment skills. Leon has to spend his lunch break by himself as he can’t access the common area from his classroom on his walker or in his wheelchair – it is just too far for him to push himself.

When Leon’s older brother Sam, heard that that dtr Panmure was running a mobility scooter competition to restore mobility to one lucky person he wasted no time in nominating Leon.

“Leon is a fantastic guy who loves to hang out with friends and as he gets older is loving having a bit more independence. A mobility scooter will greatly improve Leon’s life as most of his friends are more physically able than him and he is often unable to join them in games that aren’t suitable for his wheelchair or walking frame” says brother, Sam.

The competition was a local initiative by dtr Panmure. Dtr’s goal has been to develop a range of scooters that are affordable and accessible to those affected by limited mobility.

Jiten Lal of dtr Panmure says, “We are thrilled to have Leon as our winner, I can see how much this is going to improve his university experience and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

“Leon is stoked!” says Sam.

“I would like to thank to dtr Panmure and the team at Allied Medical for making this possible, I can’t wait to see him shooting around in it!”

On Thursday afternoon at Leon’s Carrington Unitec Campus, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse was on hand to deliver the mobility scooter to Leon.

“What a tremendous young man, this scooter is going to do a world of good and I’m sure he will now get the most out of his uni life”.