A sample of the fare...Breads of Europe A sample of the fare...Breads of Europe CREDIT: Robyn M Speed

So this is what real bread is...

Wednesday 26 March 2014, 3:24PM
By Robyn M Speed


I went in thinking a couple of cronuts would be the highlight. I was wrong…

Breads of Europe, whose fare I had been intending to sample. Facebook, and 2999 likes…how could I not click it on over to 3000?!

They were delighted. I joked that they were lucky I didn’t ask for a free cronut. They took it one step further and offered me $20 worth of free product!!

Needless to say, I pulled on the red stiletto boots, jumped in the Z3 and headed on over!

We had a great chat when I walked in the shop. I was rather surprised that she recognised me immediately—too infamous for my own good?

The spelt bread was sold out, so I chose the 100% Rye Bread, a rather delicious looked Fig and Walnut Bread Log, two vanilla cream cronuts—no, not because I was going to eat two, I thought I would share the other one with the family. The gorgeous boss asked me “You bike, don’t you?” (mmmm, someone did their research!) and when I replied in the affirmative she pointed out the power bars which would be great for a good long bike ride—so guess what’s going with me on the next 80 (or maybe even 90) km bike ride?

I got home with my bags of goodies, and I thought the highlight would be the cronuts, because I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I decided, however, to start—it was, after all, lunch time—with a slice or two of the Fig and Walnut Logl. Oh, sweet heavens…the crunch of the walnuts, the sweetness of the figs, the perfect bread. Highlight, people, right then, right then, HIGHLIGHT!

“Hold back,” I told myself. “Don’t go crazy here.” But I ignored myself—in fact, I may have told myself to ‘shut up’—and sliced off some of the Rye Bread. A light spread of butter, and on first bite…I was speechless. I cannot even remember when I ate a slice of bread that was so perfect. The saltiness, the robustness, the…Oh, my God, this is what real bread tastes like!!” Yes, people, it was a revelation. It ruined me for supermarket bread. I would rather go without than to ever eat bread from the supermarket again.

The cronuts were crispy, magnificently layered, sweet and delicious, with a delightful vanilla cream filling, they were everything that the perfect cronut should be…but, honestly, they just paled in comparison to the breads. That is how good the breads were. That is how a good bread should make you feel, as if your mouth, your heart, your very Soul, have been filled.