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The Crucifixion - what force killed Jesus and why?

Friday 18 April 2014, 4:11PM
By J. James

The same force that tortured and crucified a man on a cross because he was brining truth to the world – shining a light on the darkness is the same force that is still in positions of power and influence today – 2016 years later

For many, Easter is a time for deep reflection – lets take this moment to reflect on what has been presented to us as a saviour dying for our sins – a man held in the hearts and minds of billions of people and the masthead of western religions.  The crucifixion of a man known as Jesus – given the title - Christ

According to all reports the ancient roman art of crucifixion was a dreaded horrific form of execution involving torturing and nailing a human being to a cross to die a slow agonising death

Why would a man known as the Christ come to a fate such as this ?

Back in that time though, he wasn’t considered a Christ as he is now, he was simply a man attuned to a higher consciousness – He said he was  the son of god because he knew that he was part of a greater and divine source within him that gave him life, and he upset the dominate power by saying so, and teaching that this divine power – was the only real true power on earth – he even had the audacity to call it a kingdom  and told all openly, that none may enter the kingdom/father but through me – a statement surely designed to get up the nose of the ruling class at that time.

In Rome they punished their worst criminals with crucifixion – even Pilate himself said he could find no crime in ‘him’ but the mob - no doubt mainpulated with proganda by their MSM - bayed for his blood and the rest is history - a star as they say or an idol was born  - whatever  - this man became one of the biggest religious icons/symbols of our time

But while so many focus on the religious aspects of his murder – crucifixion - or his saviour hood -  I would like to focus on  something else

Some commentators have talked about an insidious evil that pervades this earth.
One only has to look at any history book to see the bloody trail of man and his conquests – his wars, the cruel punishments and torture which follows him through the pages of all the history books - all of which has coined the phrase  “… mans inhumanity to man…”   centuries of it.

History does tend to tell us that Jesus may have been a bit of an activist in his day in terms of his teachings, he was introducing some challenges to the status quo, to the church and governments of the day - threatening their power with a truth  they withheld in order to control the people; to get them to obey through fear -  punishement by god.

Thus it could be said that the man was a political activist.  We know he threw the money men out of the temple - his presence grew so big it had to be controlled – and like all men of peace and profound teaching thereafter – he was killed  - nailed to a cross - brutally torutured - perhaps he was waterboarded in the bowels of a Roman Guantánamo Bay holding cell - his crime  – he was brining a truth to the world – exposing a darkens – shining a light.

Thus the times in which Jesus lived has many similarities to the present 21st century world

Today it’s the year 2016 – that’s supposed to be two thousand and sixteen years after the death of Christ – AD – and although people are not being nailed onto crosses and hung up to die – they are instead being put into orange jump suits  - tortured and killed by the Christian west – for little more than being suspected of something against the state -  in todays world all people are considered potential terrorists by the same force that hung Jesus up to die a slow and painful death - little appears to have changed on that front

The people still cry for peace – they even march for it – but whatever evil force that killed the man of peace and nailed him onto a cross  then, is still present in our world now - in 2016 AD  it is still very much evidenced today by the brutality of Isreal vs the open air prison that is Palestine - the US political manipulation  of Syria, Lybia, Iraq - Afganistain - Infact the whole Middle East - the so called  holy land is awash in the blood of millions of innocents men woman and children - by a force that has never left this planet – think about it – this is a time for deep reflection is it not?

Or has it become normalised !

That same insidious evil that pervades humanity still exists – today’s truth tellers – Bradley manning is now in jail after an extensive period of psychical and  psychological torture.  His crime - whistle blowing - telling the truth to the world about war crimes - exposing the US and its ongoing indiscriminate killing of civilians

Eric Snowdown seeking asylum in Russia after exposing the worlds super-bully, US- NSA global spying programme and their manipulation of world governments in adopting it into their domestic policy and lie about it to their citizens.  While Julian Assange is still hiding out in the safe haven of the Ecuadorian embassy because he dared leak documents exposing the treason of governments and corporations towards citizens of the world  via wikileaks

Each one sought to bring truth to power – shedding light onto the lies that masquerade as truth – each one very publically shut down for challenging the dominant order  - and yet the killing machine masquerading as politics and business marches ever onwards

Why ?

This Easter – when people reflect on the crucifixion do they ever stop to ask what political religious force killed jesus and is this same dark force with us today - crucifying the poor, the elderly - the marginalized – destroying communities, - contaminating food, water air and land - continuing their eons old agenda of wars ?

The symbol of the Christ – his tortured and bleeding body hanging on a cross, is the most appropriate symbol for these times.

His torturous death represents a symbol of mans inhumanity to man – and all the blood soaked centuries thereafter -  his face reflects the pain and suffering of a long historic time line of blocd soaked abuse of the people by EMPIRE whether it was the Roman  Empire  of yore or the American Empire of 2016.

The cross has become nothing more than a symbol of the incredible pain and suffering humanity has suffered at the hands of a system of beliefs that enable the continuation of what I like to call the dark brotherhood.

Its the same dark brotherhood that hung a man on a cross then used him as a symbol in a distorted attempt to manipulate people into buying into a limited system of beliefs in which fear was the over arching foundation.

This distortion sits at the core of all the worlds patriarchal androcentric religions today – the truth of one man who claimed to be the son of god could not be heard by the dark brotherhood  - not then - and not now – love one another - he constantly reminded us all  to love one another and  thou shalt not covert or kill – not even with drones - all of it fell on deaf ears - remember that this easter.

This dark force has maintained its position of power and influence and has thwarted any attempt to stop its reign - anyone who would dare threaten its dominance - peasants - popes  - kings - queens – presidents, freedom fighters and men and women of peace  have all been crucified by this dark brotherhood - any one who tries to shed light on the system and stop it - is a target or should that be terrorist 

However - the question still remains - today 2016 AD the same energy forces are still in power – still playing their games with the lives of their citizens – still lying and despite the contemporary setting – today’s peasants  still have little awareness of the force that still rules over them - most are unconscious even as they rise to celebrate the myth that is the man on the cross. 

Two thousand and sixteen years later the entire worlds population is being crucified on the cross of the almighty dollar - where the economiy trumps ecological balance to the determined of all life on earth. 

However there is another word that is tied to the crucifixion – and that is resurrection

what does the resurrection actually mean ……..

Wait for part II .....coming soon