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Toys Online SEO Industry Report

Friday 19 December 2014, 10:32AM

Which toy stores are leading in NZ organic search? And what are Kiwi consumer shopping behaviours? Find out where Toyworld, Toys “R” Us, Trade Me and many other toy stores are ranking and who is taking the lead. Moreover this article includes a consumer survey revealing essential consumer questions.

FIRST is using its bespoke metric called RBR (abbreviation for: Rankings Based Reach) and revealed that “Toy World” leads the RBR for the analysed search terms in New Zealand – followed by “Mighty Ape” and “Fishpond” which are quite a bit behind. These three players are capturing a high amount of people’s search demand for toys. As the toy market is highly competitive, setting up a waterproof digital strategy and refining existing processes can be a key element to be ahead of the competition.

Moreover, FIRST took a look at some keyword trends and discovered that “toys nz” is a popular search term, which shows an increasing search trend volume. When taking a look at different brand search volumes, it could be discovered that stores specialised for toys show high peaks in the Christmas season. Therefore adjusting website offers according to seasonal peaks should be considered.

The consumer survey showed that around 45% of Kiwis actually already have ordered toys online and that popular ways to find new or used toys include searching on Trade Me, on the website of a known toy store or by utilising a search engine.

The survey also revealed that there are a few things that consumers considered as very important when ordering toys online like the quality of the toy, price, money back guarantee and a few others. As not that important respondents perceived recommendations from others.

To read the full toys SEO industry report, please download it at the FIRST website. If you have questions regarding conversion rate optimisation, Analytics, Search or Digital Strategy, FIRST is also here to assist.