Prevent Contamination in Your Farm with a Well-Designed Septic System

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 7:55PM

By Burford Concrete Tanks



Most farms in New Zealand use private sewage treatment systems. These systems collect, treat, and dispose of treated wastewater from a single source in the same location where it was generated.

The most common type of on-site sewage system is a septic system, which includes a tank where bacteria decomposes waste products into effluents, gases, and indigestible solids. Effluent materials are discharged on-site, while the solids remain in the tank and get pumped out on a regular basis.

These systems, while economical and reliable, require proper maintenance to handle all the produced wastewater. This way, you can prevent further surface water and groundwater contamination, since it may contain bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals like phosphates and nitrates.

To prevent potential contamination on your farmstead, it is important to ensure that your sewage system is well designed and functioning properly. Aside from preventing contamination, having a good sewage system also ensures complete distribution and reduces the incidence of freezing within the system. Furthermore, a good sewage system prevents damage to the environment, and also helps protect your family and your neighbours.

Fortunately, newer technology allows rural sewage systems to provide treatment beyond the capability of older systems. With Burford Concrete Tanks, you can enjoy top-notch septic tank systems. Burford Concrete Tanks is the leading provider of concrete septic tank systems in Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, installing systems even before the Resource Management Act was implemented.

Burford Concrete Tanks offers a wide selection of septic tank solutions, which can be customised to your specific requirements. They have single chamber septic tank systems, which come in a variety of sizes to suit any New Zealand farm application. They also have dual chamber systems, which has an overall capacity of 5600 litres.

They also offer other septic tank and effluent treatment solutions, including dosing systems, pump chamber, treatment plants, and two-in-one septic tank system.

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