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Fluoride Free Nelson Media Release

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 12:10PM
By J. James

The Nelson- Marlbourgh regional DHB is spinning the web of fear around the rotting teeth of the regions children.  CEO, Chris Fleming is heading the push with the usual rhetoric of fear as well as the usual toxic remedy, mass medication of the entire regions water supply with Fluoride.

Where is the peoples  choice in all of this ?  

As an answer to this question concerned citizens of Nelson have joined together with Fluoride Free NZ to form a satellite group to challenge and rebut the claims of the DHB and to call our council to vote  NO to what is essentially mass medication

Fluoride Free Nelson believes that this is NOT a central government issue.  It is understood that the Tasman district council has already voted NO and Fluoride Free Nelson is asking the nelson council to do the same.

Fluoride Free Nelson understands that many citizens have been taught that fluoride is safe and  has accepted  a traditional view handed down for generations, trusting that their government would never do any thing to harm them.

However just last year the Lancet journal included Fluoride as a known neurotoxin and added it into its long list of industrial chemicals it holds responsible for neuro-developmental disabilities including autism, ADD, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments which affect millions of children worldwide. (1)

How does the DHB balance the danger of fluoride causing neuro developmental disabilities in children while protecting their teeth ?

Fluoride FREE NELSON is concerned that the DHB has never spoken of the risks pointed out by the Lancet.

Further both Fluoride Free NZ and Fluoride Free Nelson are very concerned at the dirty politics surrounding this issue when on the 27th of January 2015, Minister of Health Dr Coleman signed into law a regulation which exempts all chemicals containing fluoride from being considered medicines if they are delivered via the public water supply. (2)

This breaches Medical Ethics where Fluoridation – or any practice that uses the public water supply as a vehicle to deliver medicine – violates medical ethics in several important ways:

It deprives the individual of his or her right to informed consent to medication.
It is approved and delivered by people without medical qualifications.
It is delivered to everyone regardless of age, health or nutritional status, without individual oversight by a doctor and without control of dose.

The safety and effectiveness of fluoridated water has never been demonstrated by randomized controlled trials–the gold standard study that is now generally required before a drug can enter the market. (3)

Fluoride FREE Nelson is calling a public meeting this Saturday at the 1903 Square at the top of Trafalgar street - 5th September.  There will be speakers and information stalls where people can join us to keep Nelson public drinking water Free from Neurotoxins  

Fluoride Free Nelson also has a FB page for those who would like to keep informed of events

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(2) Legal Status of Fluoridation in New Zealand
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