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Nelson DHB Running Scared

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 12:51PM
By J. James

Nelson DHB running scared

Last night the Nelson DHB opened its consultation process on the health needs of the community to the public.

For those paying attention the DHB want to put Fluoride in the nelson water supply – Nelson like many other regional towns across the globe has never had such a toxin in their public drinking water and many are rightly concerned about the serious health effects this substance has.

It is one of the ingredients in anti depressants - but well…. that’s another story

People with concerns about fluoride were told to leave their concerns till the end when they will be discussed but then the meeting was closed before those questions could be heard.

This was unacceptable to those who came to the open consultation - especially when they had a power point slide advertising fluoride as safe poster in their presentation.

It appears that the DHB is required by law to hold these open to the public consultations but are they obliged to take on board the concerns of the public – who Tim Grosser revealed lately are irrelevant

The actions of the DHB were clearly acting on this assumption.

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