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Have your say about your bank - "My New Zealand Bank 2015"

Friday 23 October 2015, 12:04PM
By CTMA New Zealand Ltd

A great deal has changed in banking in the ten years since CTMA’s first industry-wide customer experience study of New Zealand retail banks.  But for New Zealand’s banking customers, how much have those changes affected their banking experience?  Is banking today better or worse?

To find out, and provide New Zealand banking customers the opportunity to voice their views about their bank, CTMA has launched a special ten-year update study of customer experience in retail banking, “My New Zealand Bank 2015”.

Banking customers throughout New Zealand are invited to take part in the study online.  All they need to do is provide their feedback about their bank (good or bad) via the confidential online survey at:

The study will take about ten minutes to complete and is completely confidential - customers will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

“The study isn’t one of those obviously ‘score-chasing’ marketing exercises”, explains CTMA’s managing director Paul Linnell.  “It actively asks about any problems or concerns customers have encountered with their bank in the past year, and how well they were able to get things sorted out.”

The study will report back to participating banks with insights into their customers’ experiences, and identify specific opportunities for improvement.

“We know that some banks invest heavily to improve service, but customers still experience problems, and some aspects of service may even be getting worse”, explains Linnell.  “It’s so important that these issues are brought to light, and that banks understand the impact that problems can have on customers and on their continued loyalty”.


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