Dymocks Conversion Case Study Results Dymocks Conversion Case Study Results CREDIT: FIRST.

How Dymocks Books Increased Online Conversion Rate By 40.48%

Thursday 19 November 2015, 5:21PM

Dymocks is one of Australia's most established and best known brands. With more than 60 physical stores across the country, and over 10 million books sold last year, Dymocks holds the crown of Australia's leading bookseller. Dymocks engaged FIRST to create an omnichannel strategy to drive revenue and drive traffic into online and physical stores while providing a seamless online user experience. 

FIRST took Dymocks through its conversion rate optimisation (CRO) process which involved qualitative research and quantitative analytical insights to create a complete view of Dymocks' customers. The research investigated the specific needs these customers had and what is needed to create a better online experience for them, as well as nurture them into becoming high value customers. This entailed talking to a reflective cross section of the bookseller's target market, mapped against existing segmentation data from the Dymocks marketing team. 

Overall results of some of the tests implemented included:

  • Conversion rate increased by 40.48%
  • Store details lookups by 15.99%
  • Site searches up 112.11%


Learn more about the FIRST CRO process and specific test recommendations in the FREE case study that resulted to a significant conversion uplift for Dymocks here.