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New Principal at St Albans Catholic Primary School

Friday 4 December 2015, 11:37AM
By RedPR


"You should have worn a tie". That was the initial response from 10 year old Alex Lloyd's friends until they saw his briefcase.

The Year 6 student from St Albans Catholic Primary School won the opportunity to be Principal for the day at a PTA fundraising auction.

He reckons the hardest thing about today will be talking to the assembly this afternoon.

"I'm giving out awards and we'll share classwork. Mrs Sjoberg will be there to help me," he says.

Alex says he will tell the new entrant parents this morning at a special morning tea, all the really great things about his school.

"We have small classes and we all know each other," he says checking his notes. "We don’t have a pool but on hot days like we've had this week, we take our shoes and socks off and Mrs Ryan (Teacher Aide) sprays our feet with the hose. It's on the grass so it waters it at the same time."

Clearly a principal with strong environmentally sustainable principles.

His most popular decision so far (before the children saw the lolly suitcase) was declaring today a mufti day. Alex may have a future in this leadership lark as he has made his pupils happy and managed to get out of wearing a tie in one fell swoop.