New Zealand teachers learn how to flip their classrooms

Tuesday 2 February 2016, 7:46AM
By Learn Implement Share

You may have heard of the terms ‘Flipped classroom’, ‘Flipped learning’ and ‘Blended learning’. But what do they mean? Very simply, these terms highlight the transition to delivering resources to students via an online format. Resources may be in the form of printable pdfs, online reading, links to specific websites as well as detailed information delivered via instructional videos.

Why would a teacher want to do this? Simple! Blended learning means that the majority of students at any given time are gaining much of their instruction online. This frees up the teacher to be able to better answer individual questions and to work more closely with students when they need personalised assistance.

Another benefit of well constructed, comprehensive, online units when used in conjunction with classroom teaching is the increased student engagement which results from students feeling more in control of their own learning.

Learn Implement Share offers two courses for New Zealand teachers wishing to be guided in the task of creating online units for their students. ‘The Flipped Maths Classroom’ is designed specifically for Middle and High School maths teachers; ‘Create Collaborative online units to support your classroom’ is designed for all Middle and High School teachers.   

Learn Implement Share courses have been running in Australia since 2009. Now the courses are available to teachers in New Zealand.

Testimonial from The Flipped Maths Classroom
'I don't think that any other professional development activity could provide the sustained level of support or achieve the high level of skill development that this course has given to me.' Steve Detez 22.7.14