New Zealand Food Companies Focus on Flavour and Safety

Wednesday 21 September 2016, 9:16PM
By Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd

New Zealand has always been famed for its world-class lamb but in recent years, the food industry as a whole has been undergoing a renaissance as Kiwis demand more varied options for their increasingly refined palate.

This growing need for unique taste experiences is pushing companies to apply more stringent food testing methods that ensure not only the safety of the products, but also the consistency of the flavours. 

For food producers, delivering flavour is a complex process that requires the kind of extensive sampling and testing typically reserved for clinical microbiology laboratories. Indeed, the equipment used for food sampling and testing bears a remarkable resemblance to microbial lab instruments.

Food production is a carefully regulated industry in New Zealand. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) holds food producers to a high standard in order to maintain the safety of their products. MPI guidelines prevent viral outbreaks, food poisoning, and other types of contamination that threaten the health of the population.

Inspection begins with a visual examination of the food items – there should be no insects or fungi present. In addition, the food items should be completely fresh, with no trace of deterioration. 

Throughout the food production process, food safety consultants take samples at specific intervals to control the quality of the products. These samples undergo rigorous testing and analysis to ensure the quality of their flavours. 

Food safety analysis requires the services of a certified laboratory with a full understanding of MPI regulations. Those who are in need of a trusted, qualified laboratory should contact Fort Richard Laboratories, who provide comprehensive food safety solutions to manufacturers and producers. The company has a team of experienced microbiologists and lab technicians who deliver accurate and systematic analyses of samples. 

The safety of your food products is a crucial part of the manufacturing and distribution process. It is vital to ensure that flavours are up to par and that you are meeting all safety regulations. For a complete food safety analysis, contact Fort Richard Laboratories on 09 276 5569 or visit their website