Family violence framework and social work registration , training and consistency across the sector.

Tuesday 13 June 2017, 2:10PM
By Stopping Violence Dunedin

At a family violence summit held in Wellington  on the 7th of June there are many important changes come out of the summit including an introduction of framework systems in Family Violence Risk Assessment Management Framework (RAMF) ,Workforce Capability Framework these latest changes and sets of guidelines provide a standard across the sector, the family violence summit had many important discussions  including.  risk assessment and management framework, workplace capability framework, social investment approach,  no wrong door system where every victim who approaches someone about their experience is heard, believed and helped no matter where they go. Integrated Safety Response programme has been using a system the ministry intends to mimic and tinker with to apply to all agencies in the sector. These changes are expected to be nation wide as early as 2018

provide consistency in responses to family violence across sectors and agencies.

The Framework includes key information about the dynamics and types of family violence, its effects on children, parenting and its intergenerational nature. The Framework also outlines the expectations for: • managing response pathways, information sharing,  practice standards when identifying, assessing and responding to family violence.


The frameworks are available online or you can request a copy by emailing