Brand new e-Training courses: SEO, AdWords & Analytics

Tuesday 8 August 2017, 6:32PM
By Clickthrough Digital Marketing

Clickthrough Training just launched a new virtual e-training service designed to help people learn how to manage AdWords, Google Analytics and SEO more effectively.

The service includes a full assessment of your AdWords, Analytics or SEO accounts. Clients get virtual training with an experienced expert that will teach them the fundamentals of successful SEO, Google Analytics or AdWords management and show you how to fix important items.

Target markets for our new e-training service at the moment are the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Clickthrough has offered in-person and face to face training courses in SEO, analytics and AdWords managenent since 2009, assisting thousands of agencies and business owners manage their online marketing campaigns more effectively.

Clickthough anticipates the new e-training or virtual training module will help more agencies, individuals and companies gain an essential e-marketing edge.

The benefits of Clickthrough’s e-training include:

  • Flexibility to receive training when you want it
  • Reduced online marketing costs
  • Learn from anywhere in the world
  • Guidance and support from experienced experts

Clickthrough SEO & AdWords training is suitable for companies of all sizes and types and marketing agencies.

Since 2009, Clickthrough has been a proud Google Partner. Located in Auckland, we strive to provide only training modules that are current and focus on best practices.

Clickthrough company values include:

  • Deep partnering (building strong relationships with clients)
  • Results (always going above and beyond what business owners expect)
  • Social responsibility (supporting a variety of not for profit organisations)
  • Education (providing a range of best practice e-marketing learning courses)

For more information or advice on our virtual training courses, people are encouraged click through and contact us directly via