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Child Family court out of control

Monday 18 December 2017, 12:43PM
By J. James

What is happening in the NZ family court - A desperate Aunty mourns her teenage nephews and nieces, who will be forcibly taken from their mother TODAY to be with their abusive father overseas. The removal has been ordered by a Family Court judge.

Are abusive parents rights trumping the rights of children to be safe - to stay with the parent they feel most safe with - whose rights is this court looking out for - and what can be done about it 

in a recent social media post by the Backbone collective 

A frighted teen begs someone to help her stay in NZ and not be sent over seas to her abusive father - she is 15 she has the right to make that decison for her self 

All children have the right to stay with the parent they feel most safe with and NO judge should be able to over rule that 

What happened to respecting the United Naitons Rights of the child - where is the children's commissioner - where are the real investgative journalists - where is the Law Society?

Where is justice for this family? 

This is what she had to say 

Dear Backbone

I am 15 and being forced to go overseas with my father who puts Mum down and makes me feel scared, uncomfortable and unsafe.

I am afraid that if I or my brothers go overseas to where he lives, we will never be returned and never be able to see our Mum or talk to her ever again.

I'm scared I will never see or talk to my friends and cousins again in our hometown in New Zealand.

My father also makes my brothers and I keep secrets from our Mum.

I do not want to see him. He has already kept my other sibling overseas.

Please put this on your blog.


The forced contact has been ordered by a Family Court judge who refuses to listen to the children's wishes and fears alongside the court-appointed psychologist and lawyer for child.

The children have told court-appointed lawyers for child and psychologists repeatedly they do not want to be with their father and travel overseas.

This Aunt says her sister is not allowed to talk about what is happening for fear she will be held in contempt of the Family Court.

This is the first time this Aunt has ever spoken out about her sister's involvement with the Family Court over the years:

"We're all supposed to sit quietly and we have done so. We shouldn't have; who knows, it might have helped." 

Now she has decided enough is enough and is speaking out.

Message begins:

Good morning. My sister's three lovely kids (teenagers) are to be GIFTED to their abuser today (I can't remember whether the courts said relatives had to call him a 'loving dad' too - yeah I've been privy to the abuse over the years so I'm not going to call him that). There is no choice, my sister either hands her kids over to be abused, never to be seen or heard from again, or awaits the arrest warrant for herself that will inevitably arrive if she does not make them go. 

The waiting is horrific. There is no rest for anyone, the kids are crying; they don't want to go. They really don't understand. They believe mum loves them too much and won't make them go. My kids are crying; their best friends are being taken. My heart is breaking for all of them. We feel helpless.

Where is the children's lawyer at this time? Is she too afraid to show her face because she thinks it's a good idea for the kids to go to the abuser? Or maybe she's preparing for Christmas with her children?

Where's the psychologist to help these kids through this process?  They've already ignored the kids' wishes and have not reported their pleas to the judge, as the judge doesn't want that view to ruin his predetermined outcome. Oh no, the psychologist has done their work for the judge; and their pay packet.

Somebody forgot to tell this judge The War is over, or perhaps that's just hearsay. I liken this to the Jews who had families ripped apart to live a life of hell. This too was led by one man and all his cronies who were self serving. What stupid person allowed ONE man all the power over everybody else? This is our legal system in the 21st century?

To the judge: I'll never understand why you would want to remove loving, healthy, thriving children to be put into an abusive arena.

You are all culpable for the pain these children will endure away from their mother and extended family.

You've just condemned three more children, one more mother and one more set of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to hell. For what?  Money, power or enjoyment?

Message ends.

Who is this judge - time to name them so they can't hide behind their jobs