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Thursday 17 May 2018, 9:11AM
By CTMA New Zealand Ltd

A great opportunity for customers all over New Zealand to have their say about their council’s response to their requests for service.

We all depend on our local council for a diverse and increasingly sophisticated range of services, from regulatory control to rubbish collection, and from public libraries to roads, reserves and water supply.  When we have questions and concerns or experience problems with these services we turn to them for help.

With thousands of service requests received each month, the challenge for local councils is to ensure that the many processes for capturing, responding and actioning these requests are effectively managed to produce a satisfactory outcome for both customer and council.

CTMA is working with local councils to discover where these services are working well, and where there may be opportunities for improvement.  A vital part of this process is to get feedback from council customers about their experience of how well their council responded to their recent requests.

All customers need to do to provide feedback about their experiences is to complete a short online questionnaire at:

All responses are confidential and respondents will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

“It’s a great opportunity for customers all over New Zealand to have their say, and know their feedback will be heard.“  CTMA’s study director Paul Linnell urges council customers to take part in the short survey.  “It will really help to establish a national benchmark of these services and help participating councils discover what they do well, identify opportunities for improvement, and better understand customer priorities.”


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