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Cash for Cars in New Zealand

Tuesday 6 August 2019, 4:41PM
By Atlas Auto Ltd

Cash for Cars Service

Cash for Cars is a service offered by New Zealand companies to take your car for cash. Cash For Cars is a term used for Car Removal/Scrap Car where wreckers pay cash for old/damaged/wrecked/broken vehicles depending on age/model.

How to Search for Cash for Cars company?

  1. Search on Google: Before you sell your car for cash, search on google for local companies providing cash for cars or scrap car removal service.
  2. Shortlist: Make a list of companies and read reviews on Google & Facebook. To know-how is their service? And shortlist companies with an average rating of 4.5 stars.
  3. Get Cash Offer: Once you shortlisted the companies start calling them one by one and get an offer for your vehicle.

Once you have multiple offers from different companies. Now it's easy to select the best offer from all the offers you have received. 

Things to Check - If you are getting rid of your vehicle

If you are getting rid of your vehicle. Follow the below checklist:

  • Personal Belonging: Remove all your personal belonging before cash for cars company removes the vehicle from your property.
  • Cancel Registration: Make sure that you take your plates back and hand your plates to your nearest VTNZ or AA shop to cancel the plates.
  • Free Removal: Make sure the company you have selected doesn't charge you any fees for removal. Because most of the companies in New Zealand provide free removal.

You can save and get the most cash out of your car by following the above tips and guideline. For more details about Cash for Cars in New Zealand.