How to 'level' up Father's Day 2020

Wednesday 2 September 2020, 10:18AM
By Pinnacle Life NZ

It’s that time of year when Dad jokes appear in every ad break, and there are specials on power tools and men's socks and undies all through your Facebook feed. If you live in Auckland, you might not have seen your Dad for a few weeks, so Father’s Day is especially good timing, he will hopefully have had the chance to think of some new jokes.

This Father’s Day could be tough for some. Dads who work Sundays, especially Dads who are essential workers or who work in healthcare, Dads in rest homes who can’t be visited or Dads that aren’t in NZ but live elsewhere. Make sure you send them all some special love this Sunday.

If you're a Dad yourself, you might want to try dropping some hints quick smart on how to nail the gift-giving and to set some expectations for the day from your offspring. If they need some guidelines, point them in the direction of our Father’s Day levels and get them clear on your expectations.

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