Month-long cleaning schedule for all; A reminder to stay clean and green

Wednesday 23 December 2020, 3:59PM
By Urban Care

The return of COVID-19 to our nation is a sobering reminder that even the strongest soldiers can be defeated sometimes. Our leaders have responded rapidly by putting Auckland in lockdown the following day, and randomly testing people who appear to have close contact with those who tested positive. However, as citizens, we should also get in on the act. 

AUCKLAND, NZ — “Our 3-month dream run felt amazing! Not once did we think that it could come back again,” says Sam Bhandari, the Director of Urban Care, as he shares how the unexpected return of the virus has shocked all Kiwis. “This sudden occurrence is truly a lesson learned for everyone. We should never be complacent; home cleaning remedies should be our top priority—with or without the pandemic.”

Importance of Month-long Cleaning Schedule

The cleaning services industry plays an important role in times like these when cleanliness is one of the factors that keep us safe. When you leave your homes unsanitized for a long period of time, it triggers the growth of bacteria and viruses. This is why it is encouraged to have a strict month-long cleaning schedule to steer clear of contamination.

Urban Care, being one of the best in its field, offers month-long home cleaning remedies to keep your sanctuary clean, green, and virus-free; protecting you and your family as you stay in the comfort of your homes. Professionally trained to become experts, the cleaners ensure to mitigate the spread of the virus as they scrub and sanitize every nook and cranny, leaving your place spotless and sterile. 

They also understand how customers can get wary when strangers try to invade their personal space, most especially now that we are unaware of whether someone is a carrier or not. Following the safety measures and procedures implemented by the government, the company makes sure that their cleaners are COVID-free and are required to wear protective equipment on duty.

Quick Home Cleaning DIY

Urban Care recently released a satisfaction survey to a number of its customers to evaluate the company’s overall performance. “The service was mind-blowing, and everything was done according to my likings,” says the customer. “The cleaners are so friendly! Before leaving, they even reminded us to stay clean and green, sharing some home cleaning remedies that we can do ourselves!” 

Most green home cleaning remedies are just found in your pantry staples. To handcraft your own all-purpose cleaner, mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 1 teaspoon of vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz on dirty surfaces. Baking soda and juice also create wonders by debunking the stink on kitchen sinks! 

“The government has never stopped doing their part to protect its people. But cleanliness and safety always start at home. And that is why Urban Care is here to serve and help you in your clean and green journey!” reassures the director. 

About Urban Care

Currently serving in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, Urban Care is a smart and easy-to-use platform that connects people looking for household services with trusted and reliable experts. They have made their platforms user-friendly by introducing their mobile and website-enabled applications. In less than a minute, apart from professional nannies and caregivers, customers can also schedule cleaners that could make home cleaning remedies easier for you. 

You can download Urban Care’s mobile application to book a month-long cleaning service here on Google Play Store and here on the App Store.