How do I choose a life insurance provider? A simple guide

Tuesday 12 January 2021, 1:21PM
By Pinnacle Life NZ

We happily choose electricity providers, mobile phone companies and even car insurance providers for ourselves, so why does choosing a life insurance provider feel so much harder? If it's the first time you've decided that you need cover, and you've figured out how much you need, the next question is how to choose your provider. And it isn't as complicated as most people may think, or as tricky as brokers would want you to believe.

Some websites advise you to never go direct to an insurer first. They say you'll pay full price and have nothing to compare it with. We disagree. We think you should absolutely do your own homework. Approach insurers directly and understand what they offer. Then make your own comparisons. If you have a special health need or family situation, then talk to an expert. For most people, however, there's no reason why you can't choose for yourself.

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