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UPDATE on open letter to the PM, Health Ministers and the Attorney General of NZ

Wednesday 7 April 2021, 1:02PM
By J. James

Sue Grey will be doing a live update outside Parliament in Wellington NZ at 12:30 Thursday 8th April 

All welcome to join 

You can watch and hear why Sue has sent this open letter here 

Meanwhile this is a follow up letter 

Subject: Re: Pfizer vaccine

Thanks Phil for your update.

You may be aware that my OPEN LETTER appears to have struck a chord with many and has apparently been shared widely both within New Zealand and international over the Easter weekend holiday.

I have now received further information indicating considerable bullying of employees, students and the elderly who ask questions about the safety of the Pfizer experimental vaccine and / or decline it. Many have complex medical conditions or ethical concerns which the government information and the vaccinators are unable to answer satisfactorily.

I note that the safety data sheet and information provided prior to vaccines being offered in the USA and EU is considerably more detailed than the NZ version. I am unclear why this is, as informed consent surely requires the same threshold of disclosure of risks, benefits, uncertainties and alternatives in New Zealand as overseas.

How much longer do you expect to need to review my letter?

I will be in Wellington Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and would welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss how the Crown might address these concerns, and timing for preparing for an urgent hearing, in the event we can't reach a satisfactory agreement.
This is an opportunity for the government to show the public it represents that it does respect the law and it is transparent and responsive to public concerns and to the public interest.

I have rearranged other work to prioritise this extremely important matter and I know the public would be grateful if your team would too.

Thank you and kind regards
Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc

There has been a viral response to Sue's letter - other Lawyers are now joining her and if you want to contribute funds to help you can do so 

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