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Censored Silent

Wednesday 5 May 2021, 3:19PM
By J. James

Herein are a few censored voices their names will not be published because to do so would put them in jeopardy and isn't that a very disturbing signs of our times.

The very foundation of democracy tells us that we have a right to question and to challenge.  When the conversation is closed down and the government is deemed by the media and its officials as the only official voice on a subject, and that any questions or challenges are shot down or are assumed wrong or are labeled as mis information or fake or worse conspiracies, then we are no longer practicing nor witnessing democracy.  Simply because a source is a governmental or accredited organization does not deem it infallible or even trustworthy.  

Let’s have a quick refresher of what a Democracy actually is

The common belief is that Democracy, derived from the Greek term "demos" or "people," is a system of government that gives power to the people. Democracy can be exercised in by citizens or through elected agents. 

New Zealand is a representative democracy, with a Parliament consisting of members who represent the voters who elected them. This is true of legislatures (parliaments) in all modern democracies. Generally speaking, voters' views are considered and acted on indirectly by their members of Parliament.

Governments and ministries of health do not have the authoritative word on your health, not in a free society, and should never be given that power.  That is why we have lawyers and courts so that the people can keep their elected representatives in check.

The Government puts out its news via media, typically in the form of an opinion piece  who challenges them?  Where is their evidence? Where are their references? Do you ever ask or are you simply going on blind faith that they must be right because they are the government? Are they to be believed simply because they are the government?  Are there any sitting elected MPs from any party challenging them on this?  Have they been censored silent as well?

Here are a few censored voices and there will be many more around the country.

Shut up – or else! Doctor warned to keep quiet or face disciplinary action

..."...I got called into the office by my boss for a warning – someone had ‘informed’ my managers that I was an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (not true) and was spreading ‘falsehoods’ (I just wanna vomit when I hear that word) about the ‘vax.

‘If you do that, people won’t get it and we’ll have to redeploy them’, he said, shaking his head. ‘And there’s nowhere to redeploy them to. If YOU don’t get it, you’ll have to wear full PPE at work and you won’t be able to share communal spaces – to protect your team mates and the patients from the risk you pose to them. Then, we’ll have to put you somewhere else. I don’t know where yet.’

I felt physically sick as he went on to explain, ‘If you say one more word, ONE more word about the vax, you will face formal action against you by the DHB. You could lose your job.’

Meanwhile, my colleagues openly  slander anyone with any doubts about the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer injection. They are all ‘conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, hippies – or just plain dumb’. I have to remain silent during these ‘discussions’, because my job is at stake. No debate tolerated, because only one side of the story – the government’s one – can be true. I feel choked with anger at these times, because I used to believe that we lived in a democracy (not so) where open discussion was allowed. No longer. The illusion of democracy is no longer maintained, revealing the ugly face of totalitarianism and control..."....  Read more here 


.."..I was asked to take the Covid vaccine at work (administrator in aged care facility) to protect our vulnerable residents. I said no I don’t take vaccines especially experimental vaccines, but would look after my own health by healthy living.  I told my manager I would leave rather than be forced to take this vaccine. I was asked not to talk to other staff about my views which I agreed to.

I had already posted a helpline number on Facebook for nurses and caregivers who had questions and may not want to take this experimental vaccine, so I was reasonably comfortable that I had helped in this way.  However I should be free to share my views to help others not muzzled..."...

..."...Last week my employer (I work in a luxury aged care facility) threatened to have the nursing council revoke my ability to practice as an RN (via a disciplinary hearing) and they also threatened to fire me … all because I tried to warn one of our young cleaning ladies to NOT get the jab.  She is a new mom and breast feeding … can you imagine how insane this is?  They called me into an “urgent” meeting where it was written In the meeting “invitation” that the outcome. would be one of the two (disciplinary hearing and /or get fired).  Fortunately, I was able to contact a fantastic lawyer who came in as my “support” person.  Bottom line is that this amazing lady. absolutely demolished my pathetic petty tyrant of a boss, who just sat there like a stunned fool.  The saga is far from over but so far I still have my license and my job …  the FIGHT is worth every damn inch of effort.  I’m 65 and don’t care what happens to me … I will go out FIGHTING with everything I have and I will continue to warn everyone I can about this jab. We win or we die.Informed to sign a waiver if we decline the vaccine..."... read more here 

Informed to sign a waiver if we decline the vaccine

.."....I work in  mental health and addiction.. We were never told about a date we would be vaccinated. Our CE sends an e mail 17/03/21 and says we are up for vaccination in 4 days. Talk about being blindsided. The e mail also read are you accepting or declining. There were many of my work colleagues from different services we operate who declined. Due to many declining our CE sends a waiver for us to sign. Some of the waiver was fair enough. Protecting the interests of our organization. If we were exposed to covid 19. We agree not to hold our organization liable etc. The part of the waiver I did not like was if we sign the waiver. If those who decline the vaccine and put anyone at risk of covid 19. Our organization were able to alter our contract (my union said not to sign due to them able to alter me straight out of my job), stand us down without pay, remove us and put us in a area of our workplace where we do not put anyone at risk, unable to participate in organizational activities. Due to the waiver. Many of my work colleagues accepted the vaccine due to stress relating to worried about losing their jobs by altering their contracts, stood down without pay etc. So far work colleagues vaccine on 17/03/21 have had there second Pfizer jab. Those who missed the 17/03/21 were vaccinated on the 12/04/21 and waiting for the second jab next week sometime. I am assistant manager and one of the only managers who have yet to take the vaccine. Three times now I have avoided the vaccine and will find a reason to avoid it a fourth time. Thanks team for what you are doing but I am unsure how long I can keep avoiding this experimental vaccine. I do not want to leave the job I love so much. But due to the waiver. I feel this is a mechanism to oust me out. Very stressful time!

Then there are the ones who are getting the injection and falling ill.  Not much is known in New Zealand as CARMs who is the reporting agency is not accessible or transparent.  Is this typical of our elders experience?  Can the flu vaccine be given with this new novel experimental one?  who can we trust?  There are many many concerns..."...

Family member jab reaction (and nearly death)

..."....Last Monday my husband’s aunt was “vaccinated”. She is in her late 70s and has coped well on her own living at home alone. She had the vaccine on the Monday and by Tuesday she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with severe pneumonia (which of course there was no sign of on Monday). By Saturday she was under palliative care and given 24 hours to live. On Monday morning this week she had started to show small signs of improvement; the med team finally connected the dots and decided that it was a reaction to the jab, and that they had been hasty in calling for palliative care. She is still not out of the woods, but there is hope she will recover now. However, she is unlikely to be able to live alone again and the family are talking about needing to find her a care home...."...

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury in NZ: Jane’s Story

..."...Jane is a healthy young mother of three children. She is the breadwinner for her family and whilst she didn’t actually want to take the COVID-19 vaccine, she was left with little choice – to take the vaccine and keep her job, or decline and be unable to continue in her role within the organization. Voices for Freedom have confirmed that this same messaging has also been communicated to border workers (in the same role) in another part of the country.

She described the speed with which the rollout took place within her workplace and how she felt ill-informed and rushed into a decision prior to the administration of her vaccine.."...Read more here and or listen to peter Williams the only main stream media in NZ to give voice to the censored, Janes interview Jane here 

Listen to Sue Grey as she gives an update on the Legal Challenge to the Crown and introduces another Barrister who has now joined the case.   
This is what is supposed to happen in a free society that is based on democratic principles. To suggest otherwise and to name call those exercising their democratic rights such as these indicates something untoward is happening.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Employment Law  by Ashleigh Fechney

..."....These are unprecedented times, and the law is yet to be defined and determined on this matter: however, it is my view that our existing statutory framework already provides us with the answer on this topic.

With all discussions, discussions around a person’s choice to receive the COVID-19 vaccination are to be held in good faith and in consideration of the principles contained within the Privacy Act 2020. This means that an employer may ask an employee if they have been vaccinated, but an employee is not obligated to answer that question. However, if the employee does not answer the question, the employer is entitled to assume that the employee has not been vaccinated.

If the employee is not vaccinated, and does not currently intend on getting vaccinated, the employee is not required to provide an explanation or reason why. However, if the employee does choose to disclose information, this must be held in confidence and protected in accordance with the privacy principles..."...

It’s quite sad that the people have to fund raise to take the government to court to do the right thing but the government has all our tax dollars to defend itself from us.  I suggest a portion of our tax dollars are allocated to a peoples defense fund to take actions like this.  Sadly something has gone terribly wrong for this even to be happening and for me to have to suggest it.

Donations to help the government remember they are our elected representatives and to do the right thing legally can be made here