TRT Crane Outrigger Pads are made for industry, engineered fit for purpose and designed to last!

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 8:36PM
By Duoplus


For many years, TRT has supplied outrigger pads in Australia. TRT are renowned for innovation in this industry, and their outrigger pads are no exception.

Due to their focis on innovation, they have been developed for maximum strength using Hardox™ high tensile steel with a honeycomb construction. This minimises tare weight and overall footprint. They have unparalleled quality when compared to other crane pad options.

TRT's unique crane pad design also helps to minimise deflection and protect underground services from damage on any site. They are able to span trenches and manhole covers without compromising ground stability, making them ideal for use with a wide range of cranes and site conditions. 

Ground Pressure Engineering Data

TRT is also known for their emphasis on safety. because of this commitment, TRT makes it simple to ensure your crane is supported safely for all ground conditions. The standard size crane pads, shown in the table below, come with drawings and engineering ground pressure data, making site and lift planning easy.

Safer Crane Pad Option

The non-slip surface and angled sides are designed to make the pads safer on a job site.  The TRT Crane Outrigger Pads angled sides are designed to prevent tyre damage to other vehicles, especially in smaller work areas.

Fast and Easy Setup

TRT’s quality European steel Crane Pads are easily deployed on any job site. They are being used on construction and lift sites throughout Australia. Transporting, lifting and moving is no problem, each pad is fitted with rated lifting lugs, with options for forklift pockets. TRT has a range of crane support trailers that are able to easily transport these crane pads.

Transport Attachment Options for Crane Pads

TRT Crane Pads come with trunnions as a standard lifting and transport attachment, unless otherwise specified.  All Crane outrigger pads have the option to change the attachment options to forklift pockets and D rings.  

Common misconception

Many people use these words interchangeably, but outrigger pads are not to be confused with bog mats. Crane Outrigger Pads are placed directly under the outrigger shoe or float of a crane, to create a stable platform for the crane while it is stationary.

Bog mats on the other hand, are used to create an extended and stable platform on the ground for cranes and other equipment to traverse over, and so they do not disturb the ground unnecessarily.

Don't get them mixed up!