Premium Clean Offers 2 Hours' Free House Cleaning For Selected Frontline Workers.

Wednesday 25 August 2021, 7:28PM
By Premium Cleaning Services

                                   Initiative for Frontline Workers

As New Zealand extends COVID-19 lockdown again, Premium Clean extends our support and appreciation for the heroes of New Zealand by giving 2 hours' free house cleaning to 50 selected Workers. Non-frontline workers can refer to an acquaintance, a friend, or a relative.

Premium Clean Director  Priyanka says the initiative recognizes the efforts and sacrifices made by medical personnel, civil force and armed services members, educators, and others who offered indispensable services during this unusual time.  

"We want to show our admiration and appreciation the best way we know, by helping our frontline workers with their household chores, with quality house cleaning service - for free, which means, they can have more time to focus on more important things," she explains.

This means a saving of $100 for each selected frontline worker and more than 2 hours of house cleaning.

Priyanka adds that non-frontline workers can refer someone they know, and the first 5 applicants will be guaranteed 'selected frontline workers' to award the 'first comers' effort.

"Everyone in the New Zealand community had been helped by frontline workers, so we want to provide something valuable to them - something they need. We have seen and heard their sacrifices and efforts," director continues.

"When we say '2 hours' free house cleaning for 50 selected frontline workers, we mean it. You will get a voucher worth $100, and you don't need to pay extra fees to get 2 hours of cleaning, all you need to do is be an eligible frontline worker."

The full details of the initiative are available at Proof of profession will be required, and aside from that, there will be no special requirement needed.

Priyanka notes that the initiative starts now until September 30, 2021. It is available for all frontline workers, whether they are existing clients or not.  

About Premium Clean:

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