House Trailer House Trailer CREDIT: TRT Australia

Top Gear Netherlands Shouts Out TRT

Tuesday 7 June 2022, 2:40PM
By Duoplus

Recently Top Gear Netherlands has addressed TRT's house trailers stating "it is also quite normal there to move house and all". They continued to discuss the Electronic Steering System (ESS) which is a feature of TRT House Trailers, allowing them to maneuver very accurately and move up and down. 

The trailer can be lifted up to 2.75 meters and each axle can be raised or lowered individually. The trailers are also modular, so you can add or remove axles. In the pictures above you can see how they work. For example, the wheels on the left are high and the wheels on the right are in a ditch. Or one trailer is used to drive the other into the garden.

The trailer can also lower another 90 centimeters (compared to the normal ride height) for electricity pylons, for example. In tight bends, the trailer's wheels can steer or counter-steer – they can be operated from the cab of the truck as well as outside it. The house above was rebuilt about 200 kilometers away.

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